Welcome to my first blog!

Welcome to my website.

My name is Ursula Visser and I am a Dutch author. I write science fiction, fantasy, short stories, and much more.

I was born in 1968, in the most eastern part of The Netherlands. I still live there with my partner. Writing is my passion, and sharing my stories is my goal.

I have published five books in Dutch, and I am looking forward to share my English work with you.


Coming soon: English works

Terra Nova

In the near future, mankind has been evacuated to planet Centurion.

For decades Earth is prohibited, so that she can recover enough for recolonization. Long before the ban expires, a mission is secretly executed by the android PT1.

But is the New Earth ready for the special cargo she carries?


Yana is a Transporter. She’s the best in this line of business.

Her new assignment turns out to be dangerous; two rivals compete for the work she is carrying.

Being the best, used to be enough, but this time Yana has to up her game in order to survive.

The Dragon Queen.

The moment Mara took two beautiful eggs from a hidden burrow on forbidden land, she sealed her fate. Her actions triggered a ripple effect which could not be stopped.

Forced to accept a deal she never wanted, Mara ventures into an unknown land, led by a Dragon Queen. A new ripple is created, affecting everything she is, was, and hoped to be.

Blood Curse is the first book in The Dragon Queen series.


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