The Dragon Queen: the cover

TDQ Blood Curse Engels

The Dragon Queen
Genre: fantasy

The moment Mara took two beautiful eggs from a hidden burrow on forbidden land, she sealed her fate. Her actions triggered a ripple effect which could not be stopped.

Forced to accept a deal she never wanted, Mara ventures into an unknown land, led by a Dragon Queen. A new ripple is created, affecting everything she is, was, and hoped to be.

Blood Curse is the first book in The Dragon Queen series.



Transporter first draft

I finished the first draft of Transporter. I am so glad Yana’s story has turned out so well!

It’s been a pleasure to get on an adventure with her. Yana is really a very intriguing person. She’s a scientist who becomes somewhat of a science project herself.

Soon the first draft will be send to the editor. I am so exited!


Transporter is the new novel I am currently working on. No, the story is not about those machines who can shape themselves into all kinds of things.

It’s all about Yana.

She is someone you never dreamt of. A talented scientist, who needs to become her own creation in order to survive an accident. She will be a Transporter! That means… I leave you pondering for just a little longer.

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