Reader question: How did you become a writer?

Reader question.

How did you become a writer?

I started as a non-fiction writer in 2006. My first self-published book has a collection of stories about our sabbatical year in Australia.

It took a while before I started writing my first fiction novel. Somehow I didn’t get around to start writing the stories that lived in my head.

I love to write, and the way the characters come to life on the pages. It wasn’t easy in the beginning. I had to learn how to put the made-up world on paper. Failure was my best friend, because by making mistakes I learned a lot. I still continue to make them: using not enough words, or just too much, writing errors, not being able to find the right words… There are so many things to think about when writing, and that is the fun of it.

This year I publish my sixth book in Dutch, and hopefully two more English books, setting the count on nine in total.

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