Dragons and Fire.

Dragons and fire are certainly returning in Blood Magic. The third installment of the Dragon Queen Series will be released later this year.

Meanwhile, the first concept of the cover is already finished. Some things still need to be adjusted, but that is okay. I find it very relaxing to work on a design, it is keeping my mind in the story and gives me all kinds of ideas! What I definitely wanted to include in Blood Magic’s cover is a dragon! Here’s a sneak peek, what do you think?

Green! Green scales! From dragons! If you have already read part 1 or 2, you may be able to guess whose dragon scales these are, otherwise there is still time to find out befor the publication.

Dragons and fire are inseparably connected. There is so much to say about the different dragons in the stories, but perhaps I would give too much away writing about them here? Okay, a tiny bit I can tell. There are a few dragons species in the books, from Western Velvets, who live in the Dew Valley, to Eastern Blue Nacre’s.

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P.S. If you have become curious, the paperbacks of Blood Curse and Blood Rivals are for sale  on Amazon for € 8.99 and € 9.99. Ebooks are for sale on Amazon and Kobo and many others.


Oops… I did it again!

I have been terribly slack at posting news lately. Buried in books I bought from authors I met on Instagram, the warm community is so welcoming, and I have met a lot of new readers too.

I have been living in a lot of different places, like for instance the peculair world of Fae in the book Between Worlds by Jennifer Ridge. If you love the magic realms, this book is a must-read. Currently I am reading the second installment, Divided Worlds, and it is even better than the first book.

41437368The warm winds of  Angelbay Harbour, swept away the cold of Christmas. Frozen Memories from Cassie Faber is a lovely read. If you like romance and Bad-boys, cupcake’s and lovely characters, read Frozen Memories.



Next I read both Altaica and Asena Blessed by Tracy M Joyce, where Isaura, a strong female character, has to deal with hatred, superstitions and an ancient power. It is a magical story of survival and perseverance.


51kxhoos2el._sy346_Then there is the Maura’s men series by Stella Williams. Maura is a powerful vampire who gladly buries her claws in (handsome) men. I’ve finished reading the first booklet Xander’s claim.

So, oops… I did it again; buying wonderful books by authors I haven’t known, but surely continue to follow. It is certainly worthwhile to buy a book that is not on everyone’s list!

Have you bought books of authors which are new to you?

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Pre-order Blood Rivals now!

Did you enjoy Christmas? With, or without snow, hopefully it was fun!

I have taken time to read some books from authors I didn't know before, and was pleasantly surprised.

Blood Rivals will be released in a few days, have you already pre-ordered it?
You can immediately start reading the ebook on December 30th. Order it here: Kobo.

aanpassing voorkant Urs promo

Haven't you read Blood Curse (part 1) yet? Buy it now for as little as € 1.99 at Kobo and Amazon.

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The Dragon Queen series #2: Blood Rivals

Blood Rivals, part two of The Dragon Queen series, is to be published late 2018. The idea of ​​the book cover has been in my head for a long time, actually I had it in mind for the first book. That would have given away too much, don’t you think?

It isn’t a coincidence that the colour of the second book is so dark. Below you can read the blurb text, so watch out for spoilers if you have not read part one: Blood Curse!

Blood Rivals

Just days after Mara won the Dragonder, she is forced to relocate to the Dusty Mountains as Damos’ future wife.

Still coming to terms with her new self, she takes on a mission which might be more than she can handle. Determined to succeed, Mara ignores valuable advice. She should have taken notice of the wise words given to her.

Nothing feeds her enemies’ hatred more than the prosperities of a Blood Rival.

About my books…

Hello dear readers!

Great that you’re here!

Origins is one of the English novels I hope to publish next year. Recently a proofreader sent me back the manuscript and it was full of red strikethroughs and comments. That really makes me happy! Sounds weird, doesn’t it? If you get feedback like this at college you might hate it, but to me this is a good sign. If you have an excellent proofreader, these improvements and comments are invaluable. For sometimes when a story unfolds in your mind, it can be hard to determine whether the story comes across the way you want it to.

That is exactly why I love working with proofreaders. They pay attention to holes in the plot; if the colour of the eyes or hair of the main character stays the same; whether he or she doesn’t accidently change clothes on the next page; and they check if all the details are clear.

This science fiction novel is just about ready to be sent to the editor!

As you might know, I’m currently busy writing the sequel of Blood Curse. Have you read it yet? Book two is called Blood Rivals, and in this story Mara will face all sorts of challenges.

If you haven’t read book one yet, you might not want to read on. In that case I would like to thank you for reading and I hope to see you return.

Cover ebook Jpeg Kobo
Published December 1st 2017

But if you did read Blood Curse, please continue!

Blood Rivals picks up the story where book one ended: in the Dragon Queen’s castle. Mara has to come to terms with her victory of the Dragonder, but that’s not all – she also has to move to a castle in the Dusty Mountains. Ah, that is going to be interesting!

Thankfully, Mros Amuhn is still in the castle to help her out. Although the Dragon Queen would rather see him leave immediately, she knows she can’t let Mara and Damos leave unaccompanied.

Just before their departure, the Queen gives Mara a word of advice. But if Mara chooses to ignore it …

It will take a while before book two is available: December 2018. But of course you can already put it on your wish list for the holidays!


Ursula Visser


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